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Molly Plants LLC is an exclusive horticultural company serving residential communities in the Valley of the Sun. High quality, knowledgeable and experienced service is our priority with every client.

Our clients demand the best. That’s why we specialize in providing personal attention to your unique garden and catering every detail to individual desires.
Molly Pinckney is a horticulturist and designer with 25 years of experience and knowledge about Valley of the Sun trees, shrubs, perennials, cacti, succulents, annual flowers, landscape design, planting, irrigation, lighting and maintenance.

We like to combine your favorite colors, forms and textures whenever possible, in garden and landscape plants adapted to our desert weather and alkaline soils. We prefer to plant in varieties of perennials, shrubs and trees which are suited in mature size to their new location and requires as little maintenance as possible, ideally trimming and fertilizing twice a year.

Flower gardens and pots are our specialties. We are able to plant and maintain flowers in summer and winter, sun and shade in a variety of styles and usually in your favorite colors. We can adapt your flowers to a new or appropriate existing irrigation system or provide hand watering as needed to keep your flowers beautiful and growing.


A beautiful, flowering garden can be designed in various styles. For instance, cacti and succulents can be combined with hummingbird and butterfly attracting perennials, shrubs and trees. Or a lawn or granite area can be interpreted as a “lake or pond” surrounded by boulders, trees, shrubs and perennials.

Big, beautiful pots of boldly colorful annual and/or perennial flowers and bulbs are wonderful accents for both winter and summer seasons. Fountains bring a sense of coolness to your desert while attracting birds and providing soothing rhythms.

Low volt lighting brings many hours of enjoyment to you when you can experience your garden in a different and subtle way at night. The breezes, fragrances and stars are quiet and soothing.


The specificity and breadth of our knowledge and the concern we have for our clients and their gardens sets us apart. We provide insect and disease control, fertilizing, weed control and trimming of flowers, shrubs and small trees. We schedule our clients according to their desires and the requirements of their garden. This can be weekly, monthly, seasonal or as needed.



Consultations are available on an hourly basis to discuss your existing landscape care, design or maintenance questions. Call to set up a consultation and find out how we can best serve you!

Molly Pinckney
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Molly Plants LLC
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Member of the Arizona Landscape Contractor’s Association and the Better Business Bureau